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Serie specialThe GD SKTC is an ideal machine for processes that require multiple blade longitudinal cuts and single blade 90° cross cuts on flexible materials such as foam, felt, adhesives or cork. By using this machine, it is possible to make both a longitudinal and a transversal cut. Both cuts can be made in half cut, full cut or combining the two options.

The special GD SKTC series

The single-blade head with maximum material passage of 600 mm is ideal for creating strips, rectangles, squares and so on, from roll to roll or from roll to set. All these processes are managed by a specialized computer and a dedicated software.

The quick and easy set up grants precise processing and excellent quality for the final product. The production speed easily allows the realization of large quantities. Our strengths are quality, productivity, silence, very low production costs and ease of use. Each machine can be customized on specific customer request.

foam kiss cutting machine min 1


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