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Guidolin Girotto has been a point of reference in the market for over twenty years as regards precision mechanics. Innovation, quality and reliability have always been our strengths. Let’s retrace the main stages of our history, which led us to be what we are today.

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Guidolin Girotto was founded in 1992 thanks to partners Davide Guidolin and Daniela Girotto, who nowadays are still committed to meeting the needs of the most attentive customers with passion and professionalism. Production began with flat die-cutting machines, among which the legendary and iconic GD 301 stands out.
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1994 - 1996

Much of the mechanics leaves room for electronics, giving rise to new models and options capable of satisfying all the new market requirements and needs.
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Our production is moved to via Orta, in a new factory where it still is today.

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With the increase in production, an initial expansion of the plant became necessary in search of larger and more versatile spaces.
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Design of the first rotary die-cutting machine begins. They are very fast and make it possible to acquire the market for technical mono and bi-adhesive materials, for which high productions are required..

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The company is ISO 9001 certified and begins producing its components paying particular attention to the quality system.
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The company undertakes the study of laser cutting, which permits to perform processes that would be impossible for a classic blade. At this point, the rotary die line is made available.
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Our professionals develop and patent a flat die-cutting equipped with laser cutting on a “GD PLAS” table.
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The GD SKTC, an innovative die-cutting machine that allows to perform transversal and longitudinal cuts at the same time, both kiss-cut and full-cut, is introduced on the market. 

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The P1 Laser, a “Plotter Laser” digital flatbed laser cutting system, is introduced. It is equipped with various table sizes and several powers for roll-to-roll, roll-to-set and plate processing, granting both high cutting quality and easy set up.
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Guidolin Girotto renews itself, implementing its production department, its warehouse and its show room. New offices, conference rooms and spaces for virtual connections are created.
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Our company has reached 30 years of business, passion and dedication. We are always ready to get involved, work hard and collaborate. Innovation is always our starting point and quality is our goal. Nothing makes us more proud and gratified than the satisfaction of our customers.

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Are you looking for a company with experience in precision mechanics? Keep in touch!

If you are looking for a company with a long-lasting experience in the field of precision mechanics, Guidolin Girotto is for you. Entrust yourself to us for the production of the mechanical components you need, and our professionals will be able to assist you at any time, with tailor-made machines based on every need or request. Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or directly by filling out the form on our site.