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plotter laserGuidolin Girotto is also involved in the production and sale of precision mechanics for laser plotter. These mechanical components, as regards the half-cut and total cut, have a flat working area of ​​600×1200 mm, capable of reaching a power of 100-200W. Let’s check in detail their methods of use and their equipment.

Laser plotters

Laser plotters are used to intervene on materials in rolls or plates that require precision cutting from roll to roll, or from roll to set. This technology allows some processes that cannot be carried out directly with the die-cutting itself. This line is equipped with the following features:

  • input coupling system;
  • longitudinal cut;
  • rewinding system for the punched material;
  • rewinding of waste material.

It is also important to point out that each machine can be customized on specific customer request.

laser plotter cutting min


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