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Entry LevelGuidolin Girotto is engaged in the production and sale of EL (entry level) die-cutting machines, the cheapest line of our machines as regards the flat and rotary components for half and total cut. These products are suitable for not very complex productions, although they guarantee an excellent quality of work with a simple and fast set up. Let’s find out all their features.

Entry Level series

The main features of our EL die cutters are the following ones:

  • The entry level ROTARY die-cutters have material passage corresponding to 175-250-350 mm, with a speed ranging from 0 to 60 meters per minute.
  • The entry level PIANE die-cutters may have 200×200 and 320×320 work table, with a speed ranging from 30 to 120 strokes per minute.
  • The entry level LASER die-cutters have cutting tables of 150×150 mm and are equipped with 100W power on the two axes.

We remind you that each machine can be customized on specific customer request.

kiss cutting gap min 1

GD 151 EL

island placement min 1

GD 301 EL

rotary die cutting machine min 1

GD RO 175 EL

medical kiss cutting machine min 1

GD RO 250 EL

filters die cutting machine min 1

GD RO 350 EL

laser VHB min 1


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