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Guidolin Girotto has been developing a significant production of flat-bed die-cutting machines since 1992. Over the years our precision engineering company has specialized in the design of the most modern rotary die-cutting machines and, subsequently, in the production of even more precise and advanced die-cutting machines with laser. Let’s see in detail the wide range of products available and their characteristics.

Our products

Thanks to our wide range of products for kiss cutting or total cutting – flat-bed die cutting machines, rotary die-cutting machines, die-cutting machines with laser, plotter laser, guillotines and cardboard tubes cutters – and the several options related to these mechanical components and precision mechanics, it is possible for our customers to create machineries that can be suitable for every type of requirement or need.

Nowadays, our products are able to satisfy many market sectors worldwide, concerning the conversion of flexible high-tech materials. These are distinctive qualities of our products: technology, precision, reliability, silence and durability over time.

The special attention paid to raw materials and customer, among our main strengths, guarantee the creation of exceptional and unique machineries. Furthermore, all our customers enjoy excellent after-sales service. We also provide formative training and service all over the world. Assistance is also guaranteed in the crucial pre-sale phase. Our customers are scrupulously assisted both for personalized advice on the suitable line to be created, and during the actual design phase. It is also important to highlight that our work is ISO 9001 certified. Our products are equipped with innovative and updated technology that have always distinguished us, together with quality and design that made in Italy always provides.

Serie rotativa


Serie piana

Flat bed

serie rotative ibride laser min

Rotary hybrid laser

serie piane ibride laser min

Flat bed hybrid laser

Serie laser

Laser plotters

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Our mechanical components and products are easily adaptable to any type of customer or need. Take advantage of our excellent pre and post sales services: customers are carefully assisted by our experts at any stage of production and sale. Guidolin Girotto means high quality and design!