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Laser entry levelOur precision engineering company also deals with the production and sale of Laser EL series components. These products are characterized and composed by machines equipped with a narrow passage, suitable for the die-cutting of the pieces within its cutting area of ​​150×150 mm. The main reference sectors for these items are: electronics, medical, gaskets, labels and automotive. Let’s see all the corresponding details.

Laser Entry Level

This technology makes use of a 100W CO2 laser, thanks to which it is possible to perform half cutting, total cutting and engraving, both separately and in the same file. This compact and modular series can therefore fulfill the following tasks:

  • Laminating;
  • punching with a mechanical components system;
  • laser cutting;
  • scrapping;
  • rewinding in roll.

Furthermore, we remind you that each precision mechanics can be customized, in every aspect, upon specific customer request.

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