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Rotative Hybrid LaserOur precision engineering company is also dedicated to the production and sale of laser hybrid rotary presses. Their cutting area is 250×250 mm and 350×350 mm, for a power of 350-750W or even higher, according to requests and needs of the customers. These machines make use of the Laser CO2 equipped with a 3-axis galvanometric head. Let’s see in detail all the characteristics of these components.

Hybrid laser die-cutters

The technology of our hybrid laser machines allows various kiss-cutting and total cutting processes that would not be possible by using a simple die-cut, such as micro-perforations, or very complex shapes and engravings.

  • processing of difficult materials;
  • the elimination of the cost of the dies;
  • the timing of their implementation.

It is important to reiterate that each of our machines can be customized on specific request.

laser cutting machine min 1


kiss cutting laser min 1


Are you interested in hybrid laser machines?

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