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Piana Hybrid LaserOur precision engineering company is also engaged in the production and sale of hybrid laser platens. GD PLAS die-cutters are patented and characterized by a cutting area of ​​600×1200 mm, and their power is generally equal to 100-200W. However, they are also able to reach higher powers according to their application and customer requests. Let’s find out in detail the uses of these components and their resulting advantages.

Hybrid laser platens

In addition to the classic processes of a flat die-cutting, the CO2 laser technology allows processes that cannot be performed with a traditional one, such as micro-perforations, incisions and cuts with longer lengths than the cutting area of ​​the die-cutter itself.

With this line of products and precision mechanics, it is possible to intervene on parts of material not in roll also, in order to make possible the realization of samples or small productions. The real advantage of this hybrid line is to be found in the possibility of using the two mechanical and digital cutting technologies both synchronously and separately. Each machine can be customized on specific customer request.

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