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Serie pianeThe Guidolin Girotto precision engineering company also deals with the production and sale of flat series. These components are suitable for any type of flexible (non-metallic) technical material, even of high thickness. Let’s now see in detail all their main features and methods of use.

The flat series

Our flat die cutters for half-cutting and total cutting are equipped with powers that can reach 5-10-20-35 tons, worktops of 200-320-400-500-600 mm and speeds from 30 to 150 strokes per minute. Likewise, our flat die cutters are highly versatile, easy to use and precise for any type of material. Their excellent quality of its mechanical components ensures accuracy over time and silence during processing. Their quality-price ratio is undoubtedly one of our strengths. Furthermore, each machine and precision mechanics can be customized on customer request.

flat bed die cutting machine min

GD 151

die cutting machine min

GD 301

flat bed kiss cutting machine min

GD 401

gasket kiss cutting machine min

GD 654

kiss cutting gap min 2

GD 151 EL

island placement min 2

GD 301 EL

Are you looking for flat die cutters?

Keep in touch with us! If you are looking for the perfect flat die cutting machines, do not hesitate to contact Guidolin Girotto, as we are the right choice for you! Do not forget the Made in Italy high quality and the professionalism of a company that not only provides you with excellent sales service, but also offers pre and post purchase consultancy. At Guidolin Girotto, we are waiting for you!