10 Nov 2021

200224 MacchinariCovidB 1GUIDOLIN GIROTTO In this moment of difficulty, which has taken everyone by surprise and has had a strong impact on our projects, our habits and our lives, is keen to guarantee the safety and protection of people. People have always been the highest value for the world GUIDOLIN GIROTTO and their health and safety are an absolute priority. It is for this reason that the company tries to postpone visits in the company and interventions at the customers’, where possible, using new methods such as video conferences and streaming assistance.


GUIDOLIN GIROTTO, to support its customers with their new needs and to give its contribution to overcoming the coronavirus, has adapted its production of cutting systems to the realization of personal protective equipment (PPE) and medical devices (e.g. surgical masks and FFP2, face shields, etc.). Do not hesitate to contact us to request the most suitable die cutting line for your requests, we will support you with specific solutions in the best way. For example: Our GD RO EL is ideal for large-scale production of PET or PETG face shields of various thicknesses and sizes.